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Ultra Fine Turbo Mill

The crushing rotor is composed of a multi-layer crushing disc and a plurality of crushing blades, with high crushing efficiency, and can be used for dispersing agglomerates, crushing and drying of water-containing materials, and crushing of fiber materials.


Product description

Especially suitable for the dispersion and reduction of agglomerated materials, such as: light calcium, kaolin, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide, and ultrafine grinding of heat sensitive materials such as polyvinyl alcohol, PVC, PE, cellulose. Widely used in non-metallic minerals, chemicals, fuel, feed, food and other industries.

Performance characteristics

  • Available D50:3~45μm.
  • Suitable for raw materials with Moh’s hardness lower than 3, especially suitable for tough materials such as fiber and plastic.
  • The grinding rotor comprises multi-layer grinding disc and several grinding blades, high grinding efficiency.
  • Durable alloy blade, replaceable.
  • Distance between the grinding cutter head and the ring gear can be adjusted to adapt to the grinding of different materials.
  • Compact structure and small occupation. easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Lower installation power, wide application, high cost-performance.
  • Grinding is in closed system, low dust and noise, clean and environmentally friendly production process.
  • PLC control system, easy operation.
  • External cooling air can be used to achieve low temperature grinding, especial in heat sensitive materials.
  • Can be used in series with multi-stage classifiers to produce products with multiple sizes at one time.
  • Explosion-proof design can be selected to meet the requirements of ultra-fine grinding processing of flammable and explosive oxide materials.

Working principle

The material is uniformly fed into the grinding zone by feeding system and strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding disc. The grinding rotor is composed  of a multi-layer grinding disc and a plurality of grinding blades, the material is subjected to various grinding forces such as shearing, collision, friction etc and finished grinding. The qualified materials are collected into the collection zone with the ascending airflow, the coarse materials are returned to the grinding zone for secondary grinding.

Technical parameter

Parameters/specifications Rotor Diameter(mm) Power (kW) Rotate Speed(Max r/min) Maximal Air Volume(m3/h) Fineness(μm) Output(kg/h)
ULM-400 360 30~37 4600 1200 15~250 30~800
ULM-600 540 45~55 3050 2000 15~250 80~2000
ULM-800 730 75~90 2100 3000 15~250 100~3000
ULM-1200 1130 110~132 1480 7500 15~250 200~4500
Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above is only for selection reference.