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Ring Roller Mill Machine for Gel Silica

2021-12-16 14:25:09

Ring Roller Mill Machine For Gel Silica is an industrial equipment. With the development of society and the needs of people's lives, the demand for various fine powder is increasing, and the utility is increasingly large. Requirements are also increasing, and the application of classification machines is increasingly wide.

RING ROLLER MILL MACHINE for Gel Silica's main performance characteristics:

1, it contains vertical hierarchy devices, product size D97: 8 150 microns adjustable, granular shape, and particle size distribution narrow. It can be used in series with multi-stage classifiers, or producing multiple granular products at a time.
2, this device is disassembled and cleaning, the inner wall is smooth, and there is no dead angle. The entire system is closed, less dust, low noise, clean and hygiene production process.
3, the control system uses program control and easy operation.

ALPA Quartz Powder Ring Roller Mill Machine For Gel Silica Case Sharing:
A new material company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in electronic grade silicon fine powder production and development. The company has a number of silicon micron powder production lines, annual production of crystalline silicon fine powder, molten silicon fine powder, surface treatment silicon fine powder and other specifications. The company has always adhered to customer-centric, luxuriant needs to respond quickly and continuous innovation, and is committed to becoming a supplier of leading powder materials applications in the industry.

We continue to innovate around our customers, and work with partners. We are committed to providing competitive solutions and services for electronic materials, electrical insulation materials, special ceramics, precision castings, paint coatings, and other functional applications to create value for customers.

Case parameters:
Product particle size: D97: 5-75UM
Hours Yield: 20-100kg

What should I pay attention to? Before running, operator needs Confirm that the raw material feed tube entrance and exit have foreign matter. Whether there is any raw material at the exit. If the foreign matter is found to handle a clean and then boot.
When the grading machine is operating normally, in order to maintain the stability of the grading, the pressure of the supply tube compressed gas is required to be monitored. Check if the dust collector pressure loss of the laboratory classifier is stable.

Decompose, cleaning, inspected, and maintaining the laboratory classifier must be disconnected to avoid danger.

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