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Pin Mill Machine of Peanut Peel

2021-12-24 11:41:49

The airflow pulverizer plays a vital role in the current industrial production. In various major minerals, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food manufacturing industries are widely used. With the continuous development of airflow crushers, the various major industries are particularly medical, and the food industry puts forward new requirements in the pulverization process. It is desirable that the powder can be kept clean. In the manufacture of traditional airflow pulverizer, carbon steel, stainless steel is generally used as the lining material of the airflow pulverizer.

PIN MILL MACHINE OF Peanut peel is in full closed state, the pulverized particles are fine, the granular shape is good, the yield is also large, the pulverization process is no dust production, and the material is purity is high after crushing. Raw materials. Pin Mill Machine Of Peanut Peel In the pulverization process, the effect of cells can achieve the effect of cell breakage, which greatly increases the effective component dissolution of the medicinal materials, and the efficacy is also more likely to be absorbed by the human body. Experts pointed out that after pulverizing the gas flow crusher, the minimal component can reach the original efficacy. During the pulverization process, it can work according to different medicinal materials and crushedness, generally use a gas flow pulverizer to pulverize the drug. It is possible to save resources between 30% and 70%.

AlPa Hard Pink Pin Mill Machine Of Peanut Peel Case Sharing:

A gypsum company is an industrialized enterprise, production, sales, export, production, sales, export, production, sales, export, production, sales, export, production, sales, export of sulphate, company products, company products Applied in building materials, molds, food, medicine, rubber, plastics, coatings and other industries.
The company adopts advanced modern production equipment and leading production technology, natural gypsum, natural plaster powder, desulfurized gypsum powder variety, high grade, quality, and export to all parts of the country, partially exported to Japan, South Korea, South Africa , Egypt and other countries are favored by users.
Case parameters:
Product particle size: 4-15 um
hour yield: 3-6T

The quality of the equipment, the quality of the equipment will be different, and the Pin Mill Machine of Peanut Peel is different. the price of. When we purchase goods, we will pay attention to quality and prices, but when buying equipment, it is not easy to find high cost-effective factories. There are two reasons for causing price differences. Some manufacturers blindly cut prices, but in terms of material consumption, they will choose inferior materials to save costs and fees, which will not only harm the customer's interests, but will have a negative impact on the entire industry. Another situation is that some large manufacturers have raised the price of equipment, equipment and general quality, resulting in high equipment prices to give the equipment. Through the above analysis, customers are required to conduct field inspections when purchasing a crusher, from equipment quality, plant scale and after-sales service, etc., to find the rightequipment.

The superfine grade machine produced by AlPa can be produced simultaneously for multiple particle size products.Welcome new and old customers to come to consult!