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Pin Crusher with Compound Powder

2022-01-14 11:47:40

PIN CRUSHER WITH COMPOUNDER As the name refers to a mechanical equipment applied to the production area, which is mostly used in pulverizing particles, fast and fast, accurate.

Pin Crusher with compound Powder because of its good The performance and structure has generally replaced the traditional mechanical pulverizer in real production. Its characteristics are:

1. Simple structure, simple disassembly and cleaning, convenient, only one person can complete, Disassemble and complete flow.
2, elliptical pulverizing cavity design, less airflow resistance, so that the compressed air utilization reaches the highest and reduces loss.
3, Pin Crusher with Compound Powder causes the finished product to purity, no impurities, non-polluting materials due to its pulverization principle.
4, the pulverization is good, the particle size distribution is uniform.

The application is for you to introduce the application of Pin Crusher With Compound Powder in the industry.

ALPA Pigment PIN CRUSHER WITH Compound Power Case Sharing: This customer needs to use the pigment ultrafine pulverized equipment during its production. Through the ultrafine pulverization of the pigment, improve the quality of the product, after many other types of equipment, finally chose our AlPa Pin Crusher With Compound Powder. Compared with the same type of equipment, our company's product reliability is higher, the pulverized particle size is more uniform, and the particle size after pulverization is narrow, and there will be no too much particle size range.
Technical parameters:
Finished granularity: D90: 13μm;

Production capacity: 130kg / h

How to control particle size size?
raw material The smaller the particle size, the higher the pulverization efficiency, the greater the particle size of the raw material, then the pulverization effect is relatively low. In the case of crushing pressure and feed pressure, reduce the feed speed product will be finer, and improve the feed speed product will become thick. In the case of a feed rate, the particle size of the pulverized pressure is improved, and the pulverization pressure is reduced, and the product will become thick.
So the particle size control is the adjustment of the parameters during the pulverizer to achieve different pulverized fineness, and it is necessary to measure the relationship between the feed velocity and pressure before crushing and then determine the appropriate pulverization parameters.

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