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Rod Pin Crusher with DesulFurizer

2022-01-14 11:48:09

Everyone knows that choosing a product or service, to understand from all aspects of the milling machine, service, quality, etc.

Ultra-micro Rod Pin Crusher With DesulFurizer's application advantages
Ultrafine pulverizer is generally used in industrial, and the microfushes are mechanized, physical law and chemical method.
In the food industry, the main method of producing food ultrafine powder is mechanical law.
According to the material stress condition and mechanical movement of the destruction process, the mechanical method can be divided into airflow failure method, media mixing and damage method and impact damage; according to the material medium, mechanical law can be divided into dry destruction. Method and wet destructive method.
Fruit and vegetable material is more complicated in destruction, and there is more dry destruction.
When there is destruction of fruits and vegetables, it should be paid to the extent of damage, the processing process is not contaminated, avoiding the loss of material nutrients in the process process. It is used to destroy her herbs, and can also be used to destroy pollen, pearl powder, can reach a very good destruction.

ALPA Rod Pin Crusher With Desulfurizer Case Sharing: The company often uses Rod Pin Crusher With DesulFurizer, the electric plant dry desulfurization, there is a need for sodium hydrogen sodium hydrogencarbonate. The company has won many power plant dry desulfurization projects with our AlPa's cooperation. It is very satisfied with the Rod Pin Crusher With DesulFurizer we produted.
Technical parameters:
finished particle size: 700 mesh
Production capacity: 800kg

In general, there are some sounds in operation. Rod Pin Crusher With DesulFurizer will have broken sounds when crushing raw materials, which is normal. However, if the sound turns a noise, if the sound becomes too loud, it will become a problem. So how do I solve the phenomenon of excessive noise? Let's take a look at it.
1. Add a lubricating oil on the rotating part, and adjust the bearing if the bearing and the shaft are; if the bearing wear is resistant, the bearing will be replaced.
2. There will be noise during the pulverization process. The cooling sleeve is dispensed in the crushing chamber, which can be used to reduce the temperature.
3. Install the muffler on the fireplace of the pulverizer.
4. Damping equipment, such as using damping boards.

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